San Antonio Wildlife Removal in Residential Areas

San Antonio Technician Holding a Trapped RaccoonCritter Control of San Antonio provides professional wildlife removal services, pest control management, damage repair, and prevention services to residential customers in the San Antonio area. Our trained wildlife removal specialists are experienced in humane animal removal services, wildlife relocation, trapping, home services, and more! Our goal is to solve your nuisance wildlife control problem safely, quickly, effectively, and affordably—all with exceptional service.

Critter Control of San Antonio is your top choice for home wildlife control in the San Antonio area; there isn't a residential animal problem we can't handle! From trapping squirrels and raccoons to exterminating rats and mice, we can do it all. Contact us today for a free phone estimate at 210.742.8430.

Wildlife Trapping

Common San Antonio wildlife issues involve raccoons, squirrels, skunks, and rats. Call Critter Control of San Antonio to have these wildlife animals (and more) trapped safely and to have prevention methods and wildlife proofing in place to keep wildlife out of your home!

It can prove very difficult for a homeowner to trap wildlife animals such as bats, squirrels, and mice. There are precise techniques to ensure safe removal for all of these animals. Bat droppings and mouse feces can lead to a musky odor and are a danger to you and your family. Critter Control of San Antonio has experience in wildlife animal control and can take care of your problem.

Wildlife Removal

Do you hear a nuisance critter in your attic? Perhaps you have noticed the signs of a wildlife critter inside your garage (like droppings) or smelled a dead critter? Once the wildlife critter has been located and trapped, the next step is to get them out of your home or relocate them to somewhere off of your San Antonio property. The next step to our proven wildlife control process is wildlife proofing.

Wildlife Proofing & Wildlife Exclusion

Once the animal has been removed, you might think the process is over, but it’s not! An important and often neglected step of the humane wildlife control process is prevention. Wildlife-proofing your home involves making sure any necessary home repairs are made to keep wildlife from sneaking in through small holes and installing any prevention methods like bird scare tactics, vent guard screens, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our wildlife exclusion services and protect your San Antonio area home today.

Common Wildlife Animal Problems

Call Critter Control of San Antonio today for effective and full-service wildlife control.