Ground squirrels are a pesky member of the squirrel family that lives predominantly on the ground, as their name suggests. Like their fellow rodents, ground squirrels are apt to causing damage on properties and homes. They are similar in appearance to their relatives, chipmunks, but ground squirrels' stripes do not extend to their head. Ground squirrels are avid burrowers and their habits can lead to dangerous and aesthetically displeasing landscape issues. Ground squirrels are prominent in the San Antonio area, so if you are noticing these small/medium-sized rodents on your property, give our office a call today or leave us more information on our contact form.

Ground Squirrel Control & Prevention in San Antonio

Ground squirrel removal in San AntonioGround squirrels spend most of their time in grassy areas like prairies and meadows, but they can also be found near bodies of water like ponds, rivers and lakes, where soil is ideal for their digging preferences. Although they don't often get inside homes, they are still a costly wildlife pest to have. When they do get in homes, they often enter through chimneys, broken windows and door screens, vents, and other large openings. We can help you prevent this! Some of the methods Critter Control of San Antonio will use to get rid of your ground squirrels include:

  • Ground squirrel live trapping
  • Habitat modifications like fencing & removing piles of debris/brush

Common Ground Squirrel Issues

  • While their diet includes several harmful insects and this can be favorable to landscapes, ground squirrels still eat a variety of both cash crops and garden plants.
  • Their burrowing leaves holes in the ground that can make mowing difficult, dehydrate tree roots, and weaken the foundation of structures. Additionally, ground squirrels can host parasitic ticks, lice, mites, and fleas.
  • They constantly chew to control the length of their teeth, which may result in aesthetic and structural damage to manmade buildings.

Ground Squirrel Trapping & Removal

Some folks try using ground squirrel bait or ground squirrel poison to get rid of a squirrel problem. This can cause problems for the outside wildlife or for household pets, if the squirrel dies and is then eaten by a different animal or your pet. This problem can compound on itself if that wild animal then dies and is then feasted on by animals like bobcats or gray wolves, that are rare in nature and could potentially ingest the poison as well. 

The best way to control and manage ground squirrels is by contacting licensed wildlife animal removal professionals. Our team of professional specialists eradicate ground squirrel populations both humanely and effectively, as well as find ways to keep the rodents from returning. Critter Control of San Antonio's technicians have the tools, knowledge, and experience to trap and remove ground squirrels in a way that is safe for both the animal and any people involved. We can help you get rid of ground squirrel problems. Contact us today.

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Ground Squirrels
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