Wildlife Prevention Services in San Antonio

Critter Control of San Antonio uses species-specific and proven methods to prevent wildlife invasions. Your technician will create a prevention plan to ensure safe and effective results. We may use any of the variety of prevention methods on your wildlife problem. Sealing construction gaps, screening vents, installing chimney caps, and roof vent guards are just a few of the many services your technician may perform.

Exclusion techniques are important to keep a barrier in between your home and the critters outside. Squirrels are persistent animals that will keep trying to get back to their original nesting area. Barriers like vent screens can keep squirrels out for good!

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Squirrel Peeking in Window

Upon arrival, your technician will inspect your home top to bottom, inside and out. Critter Control of San Antonio will check for animal points of entry that others may not think to check. Below is a list of animal exclusion points that Critter Control of San Antonio may implement prevention materials.

  • Chimney—The best way to keep wildlife out of your chimney is to install chimney caps. This will prevent accidental and intentional wildlife entry. 
  • Plumbing Vents—Smaller animals like rodents (and sometimes snakes) have been found in plumbing vents as they search for food.
  • Roof & Fascia Spaces—The fascia, or the board connecting your roof and soffit, can decay and invite animal entry.
    • Roof Vents—Lightweight vents are able to easily be ripped/chewed by squirrels should be replaced with heavy secure roof vents, ideally stainless or galvanized.
    • Roof/Soffit—Another area of your roof animals can get into is the soffit. Repairing soffit gaps will help prevent wildlife entry.
  • Oven & Bathroom Exhaust Vents—Curious creatures like squirrels have been known to crawl in through oven and bathroom exhaust vents. Adding heavy-duty screening to vents will help keep them out.
  • Holes in Siding—Clever critters like rodents take advantage of holes in your siding to gain entry to your home. Repairing and reinforcing these holes with quality materials will discourage animal infestation (and keep your home protected from the elements).
  • Porch & Deck—Critters like opossums, skunks, and squirrels find ideal nesting spots and also food under your porch and deck. Durable screening around the base prevents nesting animals.

Why Call Critter Control of San Antonio?

Some animals may seem harmless, but it is important to always remember the dangers of handling wildlife animals. Critter Control of San Antonio will use professional equipment and methods to handle wildlife animals, remove them, repair damages, and prevent future invasions. Wildlife animals carry diseases and parasites that can be transmitted if not handled properly.

Call Critter Control of San Antonio to have your wildlife problem solved. We are professionally trained and ready to get the wildlife out and keep them out!

Please note: We do not remove dead animals.