Seasonal Wildlife Problems in San Antonio

The months of autumn and winter in San Antonio often see temperatures ranging from lows of 40 to highs of around 70. It can be chilly for many residents used to the warmer climate in Texas. During this time, some animals also seek warmth and shelter from the chill by sneaking inside your home!

Unfortunately for your San Antonio home, your attic and crawlspace may be an ideal location for wildlife critters like raccoons, squirrels, rodents, and opossums. Call Critter Control of San Antonio if you suspect a wildlife animal in your home during these months. We will get them out quickly and prevent future problems!

Seasonal Wildlife Problems in San AntonioWildlife Mating Seasons


Squirrels have two mating seasons: June–August, and December–February. During this time, they will usually have a litter of 3 or 4 pups. It’s common for squirrels to use the warmth and safety of your San Antonio home to have their babies.


Raccoons mate in mid-late summer, and babies are born about 2–2.5 months later. Raccoons will have between 2 and 5 kits each mating season. Their babies may be small, but they can create quite a lot of damage in your San Antonio home!


Rodents mate throughout the year but they are most prominent in spring and fall. Rats and mice are common home intruders in cooler months. Because rodents have babies all year round, they can have up to 70 babies per year. If you think you have a rat nest in your attic or rodents running through your San Antonio home, we can help you eradicate them before they multiply out of control. 


Opossums start breeding in December, and they will breed through October. Most of their babies are born between February and June. Opossums can lay up to 60 babies per year! This can cause problems in your San Antonio home, so be sure to seek exclusion as soon as possible if you suspect opossums have moved in.

Critter Control of San Antonio can ensure your home is sealed from these critters. If you suspect they’ve already made their way inside, we offer wildlife exclusion as well.

Preventative Seal your home from San Antonio crittersHome Inspections—Protect Your Home

Fall is a great time to complete an inspection of your San Antonio home, regardless of whether you have an active wildlife issue or not. Call us today and schedule an inspection to check common access points, including:

  • Weak/damaged foundations

Damaged foundations and foundation vents offer a cozy home for San Antonio critters. Animals like raccoons and squirrels love to use crawlspaces and foundation vents as shelter from the winter weather. We will ensure that any vents are properly installed and made from the correct materials so they keep your foundation and crawlspace critter-free all season long.

Screens and vents throughout your home are easy access points for curious critters. They can easily sneak in to enjoy the warmth of your home when the San Antonio temperatures drop. Rodents and squirrels can wiggle in holes that are the size of a dime, so it’s important to have all of your vents and screens checked for damage.

Raccoons love to take cover in your San Antonio chimney. Raccoons will lay babies in your chimney, which creates quite a problem when you want to start a winter fire. To keep these animals from sneaking in, we will ensure your chimney cap is in tip-top shape.

  • Entry points around windows and doors

Not only do gaps in your windows and doors create issues for your home’s efficiency, but they leave a gateway for animals to creep in. We will scour your home for any entry points around the windows and doors and ensure they get properly sealed up.

  • Damaged attic vent covers

Attic vents offer an easy spot for animals to enter your San Antonio home to take cover from the cooler temperatures. Critter Control of San Antonio will be sure that the vent covers are sealed shut to keep any animals from wandering in.

  • and more!

Trust Critter Control of San Antonio to identify any potential animal entry points quickly and install prevention methods to make sure pesky animals like squirrels or mice can’t chew, claw, or slip their way back through.

Attic/Crawlspace Inspection

Critter Control of San Antonio will inspect any area of your home where an animal is suspected to be nesting. Our technician will look for wildlife droppings, grease, and hair from wildlife rub marks, chewing damage, soiled insulation, and more. Keep your home and family safe from wildlife this season. Call Critter Control of San Antonio today for wildlife removal and prepare for the winter! 210.742.8430