Seasonal Wildlife Problems in San Antonio

Seasonal Wildlife Problems in San AntonioThe months of autumn and winter in San Antonio often see temperatures ranging from lows of 40 to highs of around 70. It can be chilly for many residents used to the warmer climate in Texas while some animals also seek warmth and shelter from the chill inside your home!

Unfortunately for your San Antonio home, your attic and crawlspace may be an ideal location for wildlife critters like raccoons, squirrels, rodents, and opossums. Call Critter Control of San Antonio if you suspect a wildlife animal in your home during these months. We will get them out quickly and prevent future problems!

Wildlife Mating Seasons

  • Squirrels have two mating seasons: June–August and December–February.
  • Raccoons mate in mid-late summer, and babies are born about 2–2.5 months later.
  • Rodents mate throughout the year but they are most prominent in spring and fall. Rats and mice are common home intruders in cooler months.

Preventative Home Inspections—Protect Your Home

Fall is a great time to complete an inspection of your San Antonio home, regardless of whether you have an active wildlife issue or not. Call us today and schedule an inspection to check for access points such as weak/damaged foundations, soffits, louver screens, compromised fan vent covers, and more. Trust Critter Control of San Antonio to identify any potential animal entry points quickly and install prevention methods to make sure pesky animals like squirrels can’t chew, claw, or slip their way back through.

Attic/Crawlspace Inspection

Critter Control of San Antonio will inspect any area of your home where an animal is suspected to be nesting. Our technician will look for wildlife droppings, grease, and hair from wildlife rub marks, chewing damage, soiled insulation, and more. Keep your home and family safe from wildlife this season. Call Critter Control of San Antonio today for wildlife removal and prepare for the winter!