Mice are common rodents that are often found nesting in and otherwise making your home their own. San Antonio residents who call to report mice in their home often notice signs like droppings, scratching above them in walls, and more. Call our office today for help with mouse trapping and removal! If you'd prefer to reach us online, you can visit our contact form.

Mouse Removal & Exclusion Services in San Antonio

Small Mouse Hiding Between Orange Furniture and Wicker Chair

Yes—the small stature of mice belies their capability for damage; they have even been known to cause structural damage and fire hazards in the form of chewing wires. Mice are tiny and very mobile, often weighing in around half an ounce and growing between 8–12 inches (which includes their tails). Covered in brown or otherwise dark fur, mouse bellies are usually white or cream in color. Mice are extremely adept at climbing, jumping and swimming.

Mice are usually found in areas of human activity—our byproducts and food sources are taken advantage of by these little rodents. House mice are known to burrow and create nests underground or in an otherwise isolated and cozy location, often collecting soft nesting items like burlap, paper, and other materials in and around San Antonio farms, homes, warehouses, and fields.

Human byproducts and behavior allows mice access to their preferred foods, like grains, cereal, fruits & nuts, seeds & roots, meat, and garbage. In addition, homes with heating systems draw in the rodents in search of cozy nesting locations in colder temperatures.

Mouse Problems

  • Destruction and tainting of human food in homes and businesses
  • Digging up gardens/crops
  • Disease transmission directly or indirectly through feces/urine
  • Structural damage

Mouse Removal: How To Get Rid of House Mice

Closely tied with rats for most destructive rodents, mice almost always cause some form of damage to property where they're present. Unfortunately, there's no tried and true mouse-proofing method. San Antonio homeowners and business owners often need to implement several methods to discourage rodents from getting onto your property. While we don't recommend mouse removal, there are some easy prevention techniques that include

  • Keeping your home clean and hygienic
  • Sealing foundation cracks mice may be using as an entry point
  • Removing clutter from your basement and attic
  • Rodent-proofing your kitchen and food containers
  • Getting rid of debris piles in your yard

One thing homeowners should avoid is using poison to get rid of a mouse problem. When you use poison, mice can be unpredictable in where they end up dying. This could make them a meal for your cat or dog and this could be fatal to your household pet. Mice can also track the poison across your house floor or die in hard-to-find places like your wall—this can make for a stinky clean-up!

Though they are clever, mice aren't particularly good at hiding their presence in a home. As soon as you notice the first signs of mouse presence, call the team at 210.742.8430. We will remove mice and mouse-proof your San Antonio home.  Contact us today!

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