Attic, Soffit, & Louver Vent Screen Guards in San Antonio

Once the wild animal has been removed, only then can we proceed with our proven wildlife control process. We want to be sure your San Antonio home has been wildlife-proofed from top to bottom, and this includes your roof. We offer attic fan vent guards, roof vent guards, gable vent closures, and soffit vent repairs.

Protect Your Attic with Screens

Screen mesh on the attic can help keep pests out. Most attics already have this installed, but in the event that the attic mesh has been compromised, we can install new screens. Avid chewers like squirrels will try to gain entry to your attic through this mesh, but heavy-duty screening will help keep them out.

Keep Your Home Safe

Upon the removal and damage repair of the wild animal(s), Critter Control of San Antonio’s wildlife technicians will use species-specific knowledge to keep pest wildlife critters out. Our team can do it all with one single call! Call our office for more information on protecting your San Antonio area home from future potential damages. Contact Us using our online form.