Protect Your San Antonio Home By Installing Chimney Caps

Raccoon Climbing Out of Chimney Vent on San Antonio RoofChimneys and fireplaces might seem like unlikely areas in which to find a wildlife animal, but they are pretty common animal entry points. Keeping your chimneys protected from the outside elements helps extend their life, but did you know it also doubles as wildlife prevention? After the removal of any unwanted animals, we will also repair damage and implement species-specific prevention techniques. Screening vents, installing chimney caps/screens and closing entry holes will all reduce the opportunity for future conflicts with other unwanted problem animals.

Chimney caps protect your fireplace flue from rain, leaves, debris, and animals. Whether you need a chimney cap repair or complete installation, we can help. Animals like raccoons won’t stand a chance after our technicians have installed chimney caps.

What animals get into your chimney through a damaged chimney cap?

If your San Antonio home has a damaged or missing chimney cap, your home is susceptible to not just raccoons. Other common wildlife to get into your chimney include:

These animals don't just stay in your chimney. They use it as an entry point to the rest of your home. If you're wondering, "how are rats getting in my attic?", or any other type of animal, it could be through your chimney cap. Squirrels, mice, and rats will come through your chimney to make nests in your walls and attic, bats will build their colonies in the walls of your home, and raccoons will have their babies in your chimney. 

Prevent any potential wildlife issues by having the professionals at Critter Control of San Antonio seal your home!

What’s The Best Type of Chimney Cap For Me?

Chimney caps come in several different materials, like metal (aluminum, copper & steel). If you have multiple flues (this means multiple potential entry points for animals), consider a multi-cap solution to cover all flues at once.

Chimney cap installation is actually simple, and our technicians can also inspect the rest of your home for entry points at the same time. Contact Critter Control of San Antonio today to protect your home!

Please note: We do not remove dead animals.