San Antonio residents are, unfortunately, no stranger to rat problems. Rodent extermination is a commonly sought-after rodent control service in the area, and if you need to get rid of rats, we can help!

Seeing rat feces, rodent prints, or discovering small holes in your walls or siding can all indicate a serious rat infestation. Did you know rats can get into holes as small as 20mm (about ¼”)? If you aren’t sure where all these potential entry points are in your home, don’t worry. Call our San Antonio team today or contact us here—we are the San Antonio rodent control experts! Our trained rat removal technicians will efficiently and permanently remove and prevent future rat infestations.

Rat Management Services in San Antonio

Large Brown Rat on GrassIt can be difficult to get rid of rats in San Antonio. These critters often catch onto trapping methods and learn how to avoid them. Rats in the attic and rats in the basement can easily repopulate quickly if the rat problem is not addressed immediately and thoroughly.
Rat removal is important, but the process of prevention is essential for long-term rat control. A few rodent control methods that we may utilize to get rid of your rat problem may include:
  • Identifying and sealing entry points
    • How do rats get into your home? Foundation cracks, vents, window gaps, holes in the roof and through your chimney are all common rodent entry points we will inspect.
  • Rat trapping
    • Live rat trapping
  • Rat extermination
  • Habitat modification
    • Identifying what draws rats to your home (food source, heat, etc.) and making sure the rat does not have access to these items

Why Is It Important to Get Rid of Rats?

Did you know the roof rat is so named because of its affinity for nesting in the upper areas of buildings? Yes, that means your San Antonio attic is at risk. Rats are also known for crawling through ventilation ductwork in your home or business, leaving feces behind.

Common Rat Problems

Learn more about some common rat problems below, and contact us to learn more about how Critter Control of San Antonio can help you resolve your rat problem.

Rats Are Unhygienic & Transmit Diseases

Rats are wildlife creatures, and the fact remains that they are unhygienic. The large rodents Rats can transmit diseases through rat feces, urine, or directly through a bite or scratch, so we do NOT recommend you handle them on your own unless you are properly trained.

Sneaky & Difficult to Detect

Rats are sneaky and can hide from detection, so it's important to contact the professionals who know how to find these clever pests. Rats can be found hiding behind walls, in the attic, and they can also be found behind fridges or other appliances. Rats are drawn to crawlspaces and often hide behind furniture or in the back of a closet.


These large rodents produce vocalizations like hissing, chattering, and squeaking noises, which can be disruptive to your lifestyle. Rats in the attic, or other areas of your home, like behind walls, can be alarming and dangerous.

Can Critter Control of San Antonio Help Me Get Rid of Rats?

Critter Control of San Antonio's rat removal professionals will employ a variety of rat control methods to get rid of your rodent issue. We can help you get rid of rat problems and keep them out for good. Call today for professional rodent control & rat extermination in the Greater San Antonio area!


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Unfortunately, San Antonio residents are all too familiar with rat problems in their homes and businesses. Rat removal and prevention are vital to the health and integrity of your home's structure—call Critter Control of San Antonio for effective rodent extermination today!
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