Rats are common visitors to San Antonio homes and can become long term houseguests if not properly removed. There are multiple reasons that these pesky critters may be attracted to your home: 

  1. Free Food­ — Rats will eat any food that is available to them. They are always on the hunt for free food and oftentimes will find their meals in your unsealed garbage cans, garden, pantry, or leftovers on your kitchen counter. Rats can chew through thin boxes and plastics that often store food like rice, oats, cereal, or pet food. 
  2. Free Housing — Like many warm-blooded creatures, rats want to experience warmth and comfort, especially in colder months. These rodents will find their way into your home and live rent-free. Rats are attracted to fireplaces and heating systems. They will often build nests near heating systems or warm running appliances. This can cause the appliances to short circuit, become damaged, or they may chew through wiring. 
  3. Free Water — Rats are always looking for a stable water source to drink, bathe, and provide for their young. A leaky pipe, faucet, birdbath, or pet bowl can make your home look like the perfect free water source and space to live. 
  4. Free Nesting Materials — Another important resource for rats is nesting materials. Rats look for materials to build a nest that can provide them shelter and protection from larger predators. These materials could include things such as: 
  • Shredded Paper 
  • Hay 
  • Tissues 
  • Insulation 
  • Clothing 
  • Other Clutter 

The most common places rats find these things are in attics, sheds, garages, and basements. 


How to Keep Rats Out 

Letting a rat occupy your home can cause damage to your home and health. It is important to remove these pesky critters at the very first signs of infestation. The safest way to remove rats from your home is by calling the professionals at Critter Control of San Antonio. Rats are unhygienic and can transmit diseases, let our experts handle rats and keep them from entering your home. 

What are some things to keep rats from coming into your home? 

The best way to keep rats from entering your San Antonio home is to limit the resources they need and are attracted to most—food, shelter, water, and housing. 

  1. Clean up all garbage and leftover food. Keeping a clean space with food put away will limit a rat’s access to your food. Investing in a sealable garbage can and thick food storage containers are great tactics to limit a rat’s free breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 
  2. Fix and replace all leaky faucets and pipes. Not only will this save money on your next water or electricity bill, but it will also be one less reason a rat will have to build a nest in your home or property. 
  3. Seal all possible entry points. Rats will find a way to get into your house, even through the smallest holes. Make sure to seal up any holes or gaps in your home. Investing in chimney caps, plumbing vents, roof vents, or other preventative materials is another tactic to prevent rats from entering your home. Critter Control of San Antonio specializes in installing and implementing wildlife prevention materials. Call and schedule your FREE wildlife home inspection today! 
  4. Remove clutter and keep spaces clean. Keep common rat problem areas in your house clean and free of clutter to prevent rats from ruining your belongings and creating nests in your home. It is also important to routinely check spaces where rats could create nests, such as corners in attics, garages, sheds, and basements. 

Learn more about keeping rats out of your home by checking out our 10 Tips for Getting Rid of Rats.

Ready to get rid of rats for good? Critter Control of San Antonio rat removal professionals will employ a variety of rat control methods to get rid of your rodent issue. We can help you get rid of rat problems and keep them out for good. Call today for professional rodent control & rat extermination in the Greater San Antonio area!