Residential Wildlife Management Services in San Antonio

As a resident of San Antonio, you may run into the need for pest control and wildlife removal services when you discover a wildlife critter that comes too close for comfort. Wildlife control can range from trapping and extermination to prevention/exclusion and damage repair. The process of wildlife control has several steps, and in order to perform the most effective residential or commercial wildlife control, your chosen wildlife control company needs to be able to perform all of the steps—and many of our competitors only consider the removal.

This attention to the entire wildlife control process is our competitive advantage and the Critter Control difference. Call today for more information on our wildlife removal and trapping services and get rid of your problem wildlife for good! You can also fill out our contact form.

Get Wildlife Out of Your Home

Critter Roof Damage in San AntonioWhile it's true that Critter Control of San Antonio can help remove unwanted wildlife from your home, we can do so much more to protect your home long-term. Discovering wildlife in your attic, chimney, or hearing scratching in the walls can all be overwhelming and can quickly become more than just a nuisance. Tasks like wildlife removal, wildlife proofing, and determining where animals are getting into your home can be a challenge for San Antonio residents, so we're here to help.

We recommend contacting our San Antonio wildlife removal technicians as soon as possible to minimize wildlife damage to your home. Once inside, wildlife can immediately cause costly damage to your home. Wildlife animals, such as mice or raccoons, chewing on the wiring in your attic is a huge fire hazard. If you hear stomping, thumping, or pawing and suspect any kind of wildlife control problem, contact Critter Control of San Antonio immediately.

Please note: We do not remove dead animals.

No Domestic Animal Calls