Spring Wildlife Problems in San Antonio

Everyone gets more active in the spring and summer months, including the San Antonio animals in your yard! Animals like gophers, snakes, moles, and armadillos are suddenly ready to come out to enjoy the warm weather. 

Common Signs of Spring Animals

Disrupted Sod

If you find your sod has tunnels or holes through it, it's likely gophers or armadillos. These tunnels may go under your foundation, which in addition to tearing up your lawn, can cause structural damage. 

Mounds of Dirt

You may find mounds of dirt around your San Antonio yard, which can also be a sign of gophers or armadillos. The mounds of dirt likely lead to tunnels around your yard, which can cause extensive damage. 

Snake Skin Sheds

If you find snake sheds in your yard, it may be a sign of snakes living in your yard. While most snakes in San Antonio are non-poisonous, it's best to be safe and leave them to the experts to remove. 

Scratching Noises

If you're hearing a scratching noise, skittering, squeaking, etc. there very well may be a critter in your attic or walls. It's best to get critters out as soon as possible to avoid diseases and more damage to your property.

Skunks Under the Shed

Skunks have their babies in the spring, and your deck, shed, or crawlspace may be their location of choice for that! Skunk control is important for protecting yourself, your family, and your pets from being sprayed. If you suspect a skunk control problem in your yard, we can help. Give us a call today for San Antonio skunk removal!

Wildlife Mating in the Spring

  • Rodents mate throughout the year but they are most prominent in spring and fall. Just because the weather is warmer doesn't mean these critters won't want to stick around inside your home! Because rodents have babies all year round, they can have up to 70 babies per year. If you think you have rodents running through your San Antonio home, we can help you eradicate them before they multiply out of control.
  • Opossums start breeding in December, and they will breed through October. Most of their babies are born between February and June. Opossums can lay up to 60 babies per year! This can cause problems in your San Antonio home, so be sure to seek exclusion as soon as possible if you suspect opossums have moved in.
  • Armadillos have their babies in spring. They will have 4 identical babies! Armadillos like to dig, and may take a liking to your backyard or gardens.

Spring Home Maintenance in San Antonio

As the weather gets warmer and we move into summer, it's a great time to check your home for the coming season to prevent critters from getting inside. Some places to look for damage include:

  • Roof & Chimney Inspection
    • Spring is a great time to check the condition of your roof and chimney. If you have any damage to the stucco or mortar, you'll want to get it repaired to keep wildlife from using it as a gateway to your home. 
  • Check the Yard for Mole Hills
    • Animals like moles and opossums love to dig under your grass! This is a great time to check if they are making a mess, and to stop the problem before it grows.
  • Caulk & Seal
    • There may be parts of your home where the sealant or caulk has deteriorated. Good places to check include around windows and doors, and around pipes or vents to your home. 
  • Clean the Gutters
    • There may be debris build-up in your gutters from the previous season. This is a great time to clean them out to prevent rodents and bugs from making nests in them. 

Attic & Crawlspace Inspection in San Antonio

Spring is an excellent time to inspect the insulation in your San Antonio home. With warm weather on the way, you want to ensure your home is as energy-efficient as possible. If rodents have ripped or soiled your insulation, or you've had any other animals in your attic, we can repair it to keep your home in tip-top shape!