What Does Rodent Scat Look Like? 

Mice and rats are nocturnal, stealthy, and well adapted to remaining unseen. The intial sign of an infestation is often the discovery of rodent droppings in or around your San Antonio house. Mouse poop is dark colored and about the size of a rice kernel, while rat scat is black and bean-sized. Rodent droppings usually show up in garages, kitchens, bedrooms, and other areas the pests are often found. Not only are these pellets unsightly, but they fill the room with a foul, musty odor. Homeowners can also look for rodent scat in the following places:

  • Around improperly stored garbage
  • Behind shelves, stoves, and tables along the wall
  • In crawl spaces, attics, and wall voids

Signs of Infestation 

When mice and rats make their way inside, they look for food in kitchens and pantries. The pests can easily gnaw through packaging and taint the contents with rodent feces and urine. Since this waste can contain Hantavirus and salmonellosis, it's a serious threat to residents. Rats and mice contaminate as much as 10 times the food they eat. As soon as rodent poop is identified in pantries or cupboards, it is safest to get rid of anything not stored in a tightly-sealed container. Heavy-duty materials like metal, thick plastic, and glass are the most rodent-proof. Critter Control of San Antonio specializes in professional removal of pest animals, Contact Us to schedule an appointment! 

Hazards of Rodent Feces 

Even if not directly consumed, rat or mouse waste may still transfer disease. An act as simple as moving rodent scat can release infected particles into the air. Never vacuum or sweep rodent poop, urine, or nesting material in an attempt to clean up. Prior to when cold weather begins, seal structural gaps or any small entry points into the home. This will mitigate the possibility of rodent droppings showing up indoors. However, it can be hard to identify every crevice. Reach out to Critter Control of San Antonio for professional rodent prevention and removal.

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