Commercial Wildlife Control Services in San Antonio

We know that wildlife problems don't exist purely in your home—your business can also be at risk for wildlife invasions. Critter Control of San Antonio's technicians are effective commercial wildlife control professionals. Our safe and effective animal removal methods will help keep your business safe from wildlife and get you back to business as usual!

What Are the Most Common Animals that Enter Buildings?

commercial rodent control in San AntonioSome common animal culprits known for getting into businesses and wreaking havoc include the following:

  • Rodents—especially in restaurants, rodents can cause serious costly damage in the form of tainted food
  • Birds—landing on roofs and roosting in attics and rafters, birds' corrosive droppings and feathers can be disruptive to your business
  • Raccoons—these large mammals often prowl around commercial properties in search of food and shelter, and have been known to get inside businesses, too
  • Snakes—the San Antonio area, and the entire state of Texas, is known for its snakes—some venomous and some non-venomous, but none you want in your business

Our trained professionals are expertly trained to handle any wildlife control problem in businesses such as condos, apartment buildings, retail businesses, industrial warehouses & plants, military bases, office buildings, warehouses, and much more. At Critter Control of San Antonio, commercial animal removal solutions are an important focus of ours! No matter what animal you're facing problems with within your Critter Control of San Antonio business or commercial property, our team can help.

Commercial Rodent Control in San Antonio

Think you may have bats in the rafters of your business or rodents in your commercial kitchen or apartment building? This problem can ruin your business's reputation. Rodents reproduce rapidly and can quickly take over. Not only are they a nuisance, but rodents in your commercial kitchen or business are a health hazard that can cause fines to your business. 

If you suspect rodents in your [MARKET[ business, call Critter Control of San Antonio today. 

Commercial Raccoon Control in San Antoniocommercial raccoon removal in San Antonio

Due to the size of raccoons, they can cause hefty damage to your business. They are known for being a nuisance to apartment buildings by breaking into the trash, attic, and crawlspaces. Raccoons can pose a physical threat to your patrons. Once they start having babies in your space, they're even harder to get rid of. Stop the problem as soon as you suspect it with Critter Control's commercial raccoon services. We will quickly resolve the problem and ensure the raccoons don't return. 

We are leading the wildlife industry and proud to be offering top wildlife control solutions for San Antonio commercial buildings, including removal, relocation, trapping, damage repair, damage prevention, & wildlife-proofing. Critter Control of San Antonio can help! Contact us for more information.