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Gilbert V.
The technician was very friendly and professional. He explained and answered all of my questions. The job was completed in a timely manner. I would recommend your company to anyone with critter problems.
John L.
Superior knowledge and service. Will use again in the future.
Sherry C.
Russ was readily available to help us, even when I contacted his service in a panic at 7am.
Sherry C.
Critter Control is an amazing company. Amazing customer service and Russ informed us of everything that he was doing and notified us step by step.
John L.
Excellent response and analysis of problem. Highly recommend and will use in the future.
Sherry C.
As soon as we called Critter Control and explained our concern, Russ was very quick to come to the Center to help us. Great customer service. I would highly recommend Critter Control for your animal removal needs. Thank you.
Sharon M.
Russ did a very good job of sealing the points of entry that the squirrels used to get into my attic. Would recommend Critter Control of San Antonio for pest problems.
Norma H.
Anne bent over backwards to get someone out to help us as quickly as possible. Inspector was timely, professional, and very helpful. I will keep Critter Control at the top of my list!
Melissa M.
Thank you for removing this snake! My husband went out and got the snake away repellant and hopefully that will work for us. We will definitely call you again if we see any more snakes or other critters.
Francis B.
So far, so good. I am confident that Critter Control will catch that annoying critter who lives under my shed.
Kathy A.
Russ was very patient and explained everything that was going to be done.
Ceil Harris
Russ did an awesome job. Very professional and gave details as to what needed to be done to get rid of the raccoon family. I will use them again if needed.
Catholic Daughters Court #2662
Person assigned to my house did an excellent job. When asked, he explained exactly what he 2 options and explained what each option consisted of. He took numerous pictures to explain what he way going to do. He started and finished on time.
Veronica Kelly
Thorough. Complete. And professional experience. Very responsive and was happy to work with me on our particular problems. Not just a canned solution. Thank you Russ!!
Rao Vedurumudi
A very professional and throuogh job performed by a very dependable company. I felt in good hands, all the work was done and opportunities provided to verify the completion. I highly recommend this company. Thank you. A very annoying problem was resolved.
Anne Manske
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Critter Control....after having about 3-4 other estimates including ABC, GINX, (who totally charged at least 200.-2,000 more they were the BEST price and very professional. The squirrel problem was eliminated without being WAY OVERCHARGED for similar work.
Scott Kory
Critter Control did a great job of removing raccoons from my attic. They were through, professional and very communicative. Thanks for a wonderful job.
Bryce Petray
This company did an very thorough job. We had a squirrel that was a true PEST. It took many attempts and visits as it would not leave the attic. We finally caught him alive and he was released. All good and we are completely happy.
Isabella Chapman
I had some problems in my new home, I call and they show on time, the personal are very freely and the best technician ever, he explain to me about the activity I had in my home, and make some recommendations. It was a raining day, and he was so careful to do not dirty my floors. I recommend them 100 %
Paula Hudson
Russ from Critter Control was on time, did a very very thorough inspection, solved my issues and gave me peace of mind. Very honest and fair. I highly recommend Critter Control.